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Studies show 1-on-1 training is 98% more effective than conventional classes. Work 1-on-1 with a professional dog trainer to most effectively learn all critical puppy skills and solve behavior problems.

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Want to work with the best dog trainers? Our trainers hold the highest certification in the industry (CPDT-KA certified - there are only 4,000 worldwide!). Work directly with them to learn the secrets of communicating with your puppy.

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Are you a busy pet parent? Doggo conveniently works around your schedule. Our professional trainers respond and help you within minutes, 7 days a week. Don’t wait for a weekly class, train your puppy when it works for you!

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How does Doggo training work?

  • Start by telling us a bit about your puppy and what you’d like to work on

  • Receive a personalized training plan based on your puppy’s age, breed and training needs

  • You’ll have weekly 1-on-1 virtual lessons with your professional dog trainer

  • Get 24/7 support from the training team for any training and behavior issues

Get 1-on-1 training now

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  • Luna

    2 month old

    Small Mix in NC

    • Barking
    • Nipping
    • Leash training

    I have seen major improvement with Luna this week. She hardly barks now when alone. Nor is she in distress when she does bark.

  • Franki

    2 month old

    Pit bull in NY

    • Recall
    • Nipping

    Name game went great! And she sprints to me whenever I call her! I'm ready for what's next!

  • Happy

    4 month old

    Australian Shepherd in WA

    • Jumping
    • Leash training

    She doesn't jump on me any more, and with people I don't let her. With place we are good I just have to work on duration.

  • Josie

    4 month old

    Small Mix in IL

    • Nipping
    • Potty training
    • General obedience

    I feel much better now she actually sits.

  • Axe

    4 month old

    Great Pyrenees Mix in IN

    • Leash walking
    • Pulling

    It went so much better and he didn't mind putting the harness on at all. He did fall over a few times since his center of gravity changed LOL

  • Zoey

    3 month old

    Small Mix in MA

    • Potty training

    She lets me know now when she has to go potty I open the gate tell her come and she goes straight to the mat.

Frequently asked questions

  • Absolutely! We have thousands of satisfied customers. Why does it work? First, the best person to train your dog is you. Dogs don’t generalize their training. Even if your dog can perform a behavior for a trainer, at a special training location, it doesn’t mean they do the same for you, in your home. We teach you how best to train your own dog. Second, video training allows you to demonstrate for your trainer and receive real-time feedback on the behaviors you're seeing- as you see them. Interactive video training allows for a personal connection with your trainer, lessons catered to your availability, and reassurance that you're on the right track, making it the preferred form of training for Doggo pet parents. We also offer text-based training, so all of the training advice is written down. You can go back and review it whenever you need. Finally, we are available 24/7 to answer your questions. The best training is training that happens in the moment. Don’t wait a week for a group class to fix problem behavior!

  • It’s free for 14 days. Then it’s $15.99 a month after.

  • We specialize in training puppies of all breeds and sizes.

  • You’ll have access 24/7 to our certified professional dog trainers. We also have a certified pet nutritionist on staff to work with you on any nutrition concerns you have for your pup!

  • We suggest 3 - 6 months of training. That’s usually enough to achieve most puppy training goals.

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