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  • 200+ dietary consultations for adult dogs and puppies
  • Certifications
    • Companion Animal Nutrition Certificate from the University of Illinois
  • From Nebraska
  • In person rate: $95 / hour
  • Doggo Training rate: $15.99 / month
A bit about Lindsay

I became interested in canine nutrition when my dog began experiencing recurring skin and ear infections due to food intolerances. After eventually discovering a diet that was right for him and watching his health improve, I wanted to learn as much as I could about pet nutrition to help others. After a 20 year career in engineering, I earned a graduate certificate from the University of Illinois in Companion Animal Nutrition. Since I began offering individualized canine dietary consultations in 2019, I've helped over 200 pet parents with customized meal plans for their dogs and puppies, and countless others with general nutrition questions. I love helping people make informed decisions about the food they choose for their beloved pets.

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