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  • 3,000+ dogs trained
  • Certifications
    • Certified Professional Dog Trainer Knowledge Assessed
    • Certified Cat Behavior Consultant
    • Fear Free Certified Professional
  • From Wisconsin
  • In person rate: $100 / hour
  • Doggo Training rate: $15.99 / month
A bit about Emily

I've trained over 3,000 dogs in my professional dog training career. I used to lead the behavior department at an animal shelter in the Midwest. From my time at the shelter, I've found that the key to preventing serious behavior issues is starting training as early as possible. That's why I especially love training puppies. They're so much fun to train and they learn so quickly! I now primarily work with private clients in person and digitally. I am a force-free, fear-free trainer, meaning I strive to make dogs willing, active participants in their training and care. I'm one of 4,000 certified professional dog trainers - knowledge assessed in the world.

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